Innovative projects can be created using advanced technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and simulation.

VR Based Construction and Architectural Applications

The final editions of the works in the construction process may be observed and the rooms can be visited in the virtual world thanks to VR-based simulations. Sample flats can be constructed in a virtual environment instead of a mock-up installation, thanks to virtual reality-based construction applications. The user has complete control over the room's décor, colors, and textures. It is possible to visit the room by walking.

VR Based Vocational Training Applications

Employees can use construction equipment built in the virtual environment, engage with virtual customers, conduct specialized assembly processes, and receive numerous sessions of instruction relating to their job via virtual reality-based vocational training programs. Virtual reality-based simulations can be used to train employees in a variety of sectors, from customer service to construction equipment operation.

VR Based Physical Therapy Applications

Patients' treatment, physical therapy, and rehabilitation processes all benefit from virtual realitybased apps. It is ensured that the patient does the exercises in the most appropriate manner and that all motions can be reported thanks to interactive VR simulations, which have the effect of improving the motivation of the patients.

VR Based Phobia Treatment Applications

Phobia therapies can be managed in the hospital setting using virtual reality-based programs that allow patients to face their fears under the supervision of a doctor. Virtual reality-based applications allow the patient to confront the object or circumstance that they are afraid of. Someone who is afraid of confined quarters may imagine oneself in an elevator, whereas someone terrified of heights may imagine themselves at the top of a building.

Games with Educational and Evaluation Purposes

Defense, education, health, crisis management, engineering, and politics can all benefit from serious games that can be played on computers, mobile phones, and virtual reality glasses. Serious games that combine fun and competition boost user motivation. They provide an opportunity to learn through playing with the simulation's applications.

Serious Games

Training Simulators

With virtual reality-based simulators, sessions of training for captaincy, piloting, engineering, motormanship, construction equipment operating can be provided.

Artificial Intelligence Based Image Processing Applications

Artificial intelligence applications that learn from images and make predictions on different images can be developed. Image processing applications employ a variety of artificial intelligence fields. Artificial intelligence-based image processing solutions nowadays rely on deep learning methodologies. These technologies can be used to create artificial intelligence-based apps that are highly accurate and capable of image recognition, processing, and evaluation.

Artificial Intelligence Image Processing

Simulation Based Experiment Sets

Instructive tests can be performed as if they were on a real device using the training set simulations developed in the virtual environment. Through experiments, the training sets replicated in the virtual environment assist students in better understanding theoretical subjects.

Virtual Musical Instruments

Systems can be designed where users can play various virtual musical instruments using their hands.

Live Painting System

Systems in which the sea creatures painted by the users come to life and move in the virtual sea can be designed.

VR Based Fire Extinguisher Training

A virtual reality application can be developed that includes the use of the fire extinguisher and the crucial points to be considered.

Interactive Dance Floor

Systems can be developed in which users can perform various dance figures thanks to the sensor direction lights on the dance floor.

VR Based Museum Application

A virtual reality application can be developed for a cannon exhibited in the museum.

Interactive Map

Systems can be developed that interactively display the location that users want to go to on the map.