Driving Simulator

Advanced and Defensive Driving Simulator

Driving simulator consists of advanced driving software and a 2-axis moving platform. Professional simulator software can simulate the real driving and engine dynamics of the vehicle, all physical mechanics are animated similarly. All data collected during the movement can be used for measurement and evaluation and are presented on the admin screens for evaluation after the simulation. The simulation can be recorded from beginning to end and watched again.

Driving simulator is one of the most important tools used for safe driving training. Defensive driving simulator can be used for occupational safety training for all companies in different sectors which have driver employees.

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Driving Simulator
Advanced, Defensive Driving Simulator Modules:

  • Overspeed simulation
  • Drowsy driving simulation
  • Drunk driver simulation
  • Following distance simulation
  • Ambulance simulation
  • Seat belt simulation
  • Traffic police simulation
  • Loud music simulation
  • Blind spot simulation
  • Sudden braking simulation
  • Distracted driving simulation
  • Tire burst simulation
  • Brake failure simulation
  • Aqua Planing simulation
  • Tipping simulation
  • Parallel and L parking simulation

Analysis Screen

All data of the drive are analyzed instantly. Mistakes made by the driver are recorded and can be examined in detail on the analysis screens. When the user violates a traffic rule, it is shown as a new mistake in the mistakes section. Clicking on a mistake in the list of mistakes opens the video of the moment when that mistake was made. For example, when clicking the red light mistake, the moment of the user passing through the red light is displayed.

Driving Analysis Screen

Scenario Generation Module

User information entry, vehicle selection, simulation selection, weather selection, time selection can be done easily. Thanks to the scenario management feature (especially scenarios such as sudden braking, night and tired driving, and the vehicle skidding and overturning in the corner...) and the generation module, simulations of the driving environment and driving ability in different weather conditions can be created.

Simulator Screens

Overspeed Simulation

In order to show the user how low the perception-reaction time is at high speeds, the speed of the vehicle is increased to 200 km/h in this module. While traveling at this speed, pedestrians suddenly appear on the road to cross the road and the reaction time of the user is measured.

Drowsy Driving Simulation

The screen often goes black and comes back to simulate insomnia. In this way, the situation of a sleepless person with their eyelids half open or frequently closed is simulated. From time to time, these blackouts (micro-sleep) take a long time and the driver has to drive in such a flowing traffic.

Drunk Driver Simulation

Driving while drunk. The image is blurred. Images interpenetrate and phantom lights etc. is shown. This makes it difficult to control the vehicle.

Following Distance Simulation

Failure to keep following distance. If the following distance is not maintained, the vehicle in front of the driver brakes suddenly and causes an accident.

Ambulance Simulation

Not giving road priority to vehicles with right of way. In certain parts of the road where there is no safety lane to be checked whether it complies with the rule of passage, an ambulance comes from behind, and whether the driver gives way to the ambulance or how it gives way, etc. status is recorded.

Seat Belt Simulation

Not using a seat belt. If the seat belt is not fastened, a vehicle that has entered the wrong road crashes into the user's car at high speed from the front and the user is simulated to be thrown out of the windshield.

Traffic Police Simulation

Failure to comply with the warnings and signs given by the officers on duty. A traffic police officer on the route is expected to obey their signs.

Loud Music Simulation

Listening to loud music in the car. A very loud music is played on a part of the road and at the same time the clip of the song is played on the in-car screen. How this distraction affects the driver's driving can be experienced.

Blind Spot Simulation

Changing lanes without blind spot checking. The vehicle traveling at the same speed as the vehicle and moving in the blind spot is simulated. The reaction to be given when a lane change is requested is controlled.

Sudden Braking Simulation

Making sudden and unnecessary brakes. The collision of the vehicle behind is simulated during sudden and unnecessary brakes.

Distracted Driving Simulation

Passengers exhibiting attitudes and behaviors that will negatively affect the driver's. The virtual passenger sitting next to the driver makes movements that will distract the driver. The user's response is measured.

Tire Burst Simulation

Tire burst while driving. While driving, the tire of the vehicle is blown and the reaction of the driver is measured.

Brake Failure Simulation

Fault in braking system while driving. While driving, the vehicle's braking system will fail and the driver's response is measured.

Aqua Planing Simulation

Aqua Planing risk in rainy weather. There is a pond in an area on the route. As soon as the vehicle enters this puddle, the tires start to slide instead of turning as a result of aquaplaning. In this way, loss of control in puddles is simulated.

Tipping Simulation

Risk of tipping over corners. If the driver enters corners at high speed, the vehicle will roll over.

Parallel and L Parking Simulation

The driver's parallel and L parking skills will be measured.

Parking Simulator